Pompton Lakes Works Map

Transfer of Ownership

In October 2013, the E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company announced the separation of several existing business lines into a separate entity. The Chemours Company FC, LLC (Chemours) began operations as a standalone company on July 1, 2015. At this time, ownership of the Pompton Lakes Works facility was transferred to Chemours. Chemours is positioned as a world leader in the titanium technologies, fluoroproducts, and chemical solutions business sectors focused on bringing higher value chemistry to the world (www.Chemours.com).

While ownership of the property has changed the commitment of Chemours to our stakeholders in Pompton Lakes has remained the same. Our goal is to complete remediation of the legacy environmental issues associated with the former manufacturing facility in a way that is protective of people and the environment so that the property can be returned to productive use in the future.

Our Commitment

We are committed to remediating contamination resulting from past manufacturing operations in a way that is protective of people and the environment. We are proud of our long history within the community and we will remain a partner in Pompton Lakes until our remediation efforts are completed.

Pompton Lakes Works has been actively involved for more than twenty years in completing the required state and federal regulatory processes by remediating soil, sediment and groundwater contamination both on and off the property.

  • Since 1985, we have completed extensive investigations to identify and develop the appropriate remediation options. Additional sampling is being completed to meet regulatory requirements at several areas within the site to identify the boundary of impacted soil.
  • To date, remediation activities have focused on removing more than 200,000 tons of contaminated soil and sediment at off-site locations. This included the Acid Brook and Wanaque River projects. These projects included the remediation of more than 150 properties and the replanting of approximately 10 acres of wetlands.
  • On-site remediation projects have been conducted since the early 1990s and include the remediation of 30 areas identified as being impacted by former manufacturing operations.
  • A groundwater extraction/treatment system was installed in August 1998 to prevent contaminated groundwater from leaving the site. Pumping draws water towards five on-site wells to prevent the water from leaving the site. The system then pipes the water to a treatment system for cleaning. Following treatment, the water is returned to the water table. Our technical team, together with scientists and resources from several U.S. universities, are completing a detailed evaluation of existing hydrogeologic and groundwater analytical data to assist us with evaluating potential groundwater remedial technologies that could be beneficial at the site.
  • A groundwater technology evaluation field program has been implemented to determine if several existing remedial technologies can be used to remediate groundwater contamination associated with former manufacturing operations in the residential community adjacent to the site.
  • Since June 2008, residents living within the groundwater plume area have been offered the installation of vapor mitigation systems which address the potential vapor intrusion pathway. Our team continues to coordinate and install vapor mitigation systems.